ICE: iCatCard Check-in and Event

The old way of tracking attendance — signing an attendance sheet — was slow and expensive requiring intensive data entry. There was poor security and error prone when someone signed in for another person, or a name was skipped because it was unreadable.  

Captivating an innovative approach to attendance tracking and event management, the CatCard Office has developed a web-based application service for the campus community using the latest web security and RFID technology. This attendance and event management web application is called ICE for iCatcard Check-in and Event.

Get rid of your Pen and sign-in sheets! Save time and money…Go paperless and ICE it!

What's New in Version 1.3

To learn more about ICE, view the presentation and tutorials below:

ICE - iCatCard Check-in and Event for attendance and management.   (Slideshow)   (Video)

ICE Tutorials:

Ordering a Card Reader:

If you would like a demo of ICE or have any questions, please contact 209-228-2228, or email catcard@ucmerced.edu