Replacement CatCards

Replacement Cards

Students, faculty and staff receive their first CatCard at no charge. University affiliates must pay a $20 fee for their first CatCard, and can arrange with their sponsoring department to recharge the $20 to that department. Anyone who needs to obtain a replacement CatCard, where the existing card is lost, stolen, damaged, faulty, or if you have changed your name, must pay a $20 fee. You can get your replacement card by visiting the CatCard Office during business hours.

Payment Methods:

  1. Cashier's Office - Pay with cash or check only. Located next to the Students First Center in the library. 
  2. CatDollars - Visit the CatCard Office if you would like to pay for your replacement card using your CatDollars plan.
  3. Online -  Pay using your credit card, checkings account, or campus card. You can also add to your student bill and pay later by clicking here. Otherwise, visit and log in using your UCMNetID credentials. Step by step instructions below:


Under 'My Campus - Other items available for purchase' - click View All

Click CATCARD-Commuter Plan & ID replacement

Click on either CatCard Replacement Card or View Details in the same box

Click Add to Basket

Click Checkout

Choose your payment method, click Continue Checkout, and once you are finished submitting your payment, take a screenshot of your confirmation or receipt and bring this to the CatCard Office to obtain your replacement CatCard