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Plans and Usages

CatCard Usages

Your CatCard was designed to make daily business and access on campus more versatile while keeping your data more secure.
The CatCard can be used for account access and authorization for the following services:

Access secured buildings

Your catcard can be used to gain access to certain locked buildings on campus such as offices, labs, and residence hall laundry rooms (students only).


Your catcard will verify and grant privileges to University Libraries, such as check-outs books, laptops, study rooms, photocopy, and print using certain network printers.

Cat Dollars & Meal Plans

Your catcard can be used to make purchases at the Pavilion Dining Center, Lantern Cafe, Campus store, and the Marketplace.

Campus Recreation & Athletics

Your catcard is used at Aquatics Center, Bobcat Field, Joseph Edward Gallo, Outdoor Basketballs, Recreation Fields, SAAC, and Tennis Court.


Your catcard is used as your bus pass.