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Data Security

The CatCard has three features to maintain the security of your data and funds:

  • Digitized photo — helps campus staff ensure you are the authorized owner of the card.
  • SmartChip — Maintains information related to your flexible spending account and/or meal plan funds, as well as the secured locations and buildings to which you have access.
  • Magnetic Stripe/Barcode — Processes monetary transactions in which your CatCard is used.

While the CatCard system uses industry-standard encryption techniques and virtually eliminates the risk of compromised data, you also have a role in keeping your data secure.

  • If your CatCard is lost or stolen, report it immediately. You can deactivate your CatCard by clicking this link
  • If you witness secured-access doors propped open, abuse of card readers, or unauthorized use of an individual's CatCard, report it immediately.
  • If you find a lost CatCard, return it to the CatCard Office in Granite Pass room 171.

Who to Contact

You can now deactivate your card online in the event it is lost or stolen. Please click this link to deactivate your CatCard

Once reported, the CatCard Office can deactivate the card immediately, blocking the unauthorized use of its flex/meal plan funds and building access. Here's who to contact:

Questions and Concerns

Contact us at (209) 500-6464 or if you need additional assistance.

CatCard Abuse

Campus Police
T: (209) 228-8273 (during business hours)
T: (209) 228-2677 (after hours)