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About Us


To provide a fast, secure, and convenient multi-service identification card for the students, faculty, and staff of the University of California, Merced. 




Abraham Cereno

Associate Director, Systems & Application Developer/Administrator

Abraham “Abe” Cereno loves a challenge, especially when it involves creative problem-solving. When he joined UC Merced seven years ago as associate director for CatCard Services, part of what appealed to him was the opportunity to develop technology-driven solutions that could help make life easier and more efficient for campus community members.


See Chang

Administrative Officer II


Alexander Roman

Full-Stack Developer


Tony AdAstra

Student Application Developer

Tony AdAstra, also known as "Tech Tony", enjoys building projects that solves real-life problems. The main reason for joining CatCard is the possibility of making meaningful change happen, namely the ability to integrate CatCard with mobile wallet. He is excited to work with the CatCard team to bring about next-level efficiency and convenience for the community.


CatCard Office (map)

South Campus, Granite Pass Room #171