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Request an Affiliate UC Merced CatCard ID

Departments can obtain affiliate UC Merced CatCard ID for partnering vendors and contractors whose businesses require frequent access to campus buildings.

Affiliate cardholders cannot obtain affiliate cards for anyone else. All affiliate cards have a maximum expiration date of one year after the card issue date, and they must be renewed annually in order to confirm the continuing eligibility of the cardholder and their sponsor.

The cost of affiliate UC Merced CatCard ID is $20. The cardholder can pay for the cost at the cashier's office or may arrange with their sponsoring department to pay for the cost as a recharge. A valid CoA (chart of accounts) account and proper supervisor approval must be provided or emailed to the CatCard Office ( for the recharge. To proceed with the request, follow the steps below.


  • Request for an affiliate account from IDM. The MSO of the sponsoring department will need to contact IT IDM, and request for an affiliate account created. The MSO needs to provide the full name of the cardholder and sponsoring department contact information.
  • Wait for the account to be created. When IDM receives the request, the affiliate account will be created and will be posted to the campus card (this process may take 24 to 48 hours). An email notification is sent to the MSO or sponsoring department, and the CatCard Office, when the affiliate account has been created by IDM.
  • Verify and pick up ID card. At any time after the request to IDM, the MSO or cardholder may contact the CatCard Office at 209-500-6464 or, to verify if the affiliated record is in the campus card system and processed prior to visiting the office. If the record is processed, the cardholder can visit the CatCard Office to obtain an affiliate UC Merced CatCard ID and pay the fee required. The cardholder must provide valid credentials with a photo ID for verification. Please note the CatCard Office will be taking a photo of the patron to be used for their affiliate CatCard ID.


The purpose of this procedure is to be in compliance and have control in place for issuing departmental ID cards or other individual affiliated issued ID cards or any issued ID card defined under the UCOP policy, and have a way to authenticate or confirm the unique identity of an individual who has been granted authorization by the Resource Proprietor, or his or her designee, to access a Resource and who invokes or accesses a Resource for the purpose of performing his or her job duties or other functions directly related to his or her affiliation with the University.

If you have any questions, please contact the CatCard Office at