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Division of Student Affairs

Replacement CatCards

Replacement Cards

NOTICE: All students, faculty, and staff receive their first CatCard ID for FREE. University affiliates must pay a $20 fee for their first CatCard, and can arrange with their sponsoring department to recharge the $20 to that department.

Anyone who needs to obtain a replacement CatCard, where the existing card is lost, stolen, damaged, or faulty, or if you have changed your name, must pay a $20 fee. Please purchase your replacement card online or at the cashier's office during business hours. Please make sure you save your receipt or confirmation. 

Students who need to obtain a replacement ID due to a Live Name change can exchange the original ID to obtain a replacement ID with a Live Name printed on the ID.

Once you have paid for the replacement, please email us ( a copy (image) of your payment receipt along with your CatCard ID number. You can visit the CatCard office to pick up your ID.

If you like to update your CatCard ID photo with your replacement, uploading a new CatCard ID photo is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Click and visit our CatCard Online Photo or Selfie Submission to submit your photo. UCMNet ID is required to log in. You must provide your current mailing address and upload a Government Issued ID or High School Student ID for verification. 

Payment Methods:

  1. CatDollars or Cash - Visit the Cashier's Office.
  2. E-Check or Credit Card - Visit mybill and log in using your UCMNetID credentials. Step-by-step instructions are below. (Select option Campus Card).
  3. Add to Student Bill (pay later) -  You can also add to your student bill and pay later.